West Virginia Rehab Centers

In West Virginia, men are having a harder time refraining from abusing drugs than women. Many people have sought treatment for their drug addictions in West Virginia rehab centers and of the 6,070 people to do so in 2009, 65.9 percent were male. Women also voluntarily entered these facilities, but only 31.4 percent of the 6,070 were female. As time goes by, the numbers of people needing treatment goes up and down, but the West Virginia rehab centers are ready to meet whatever demand for their services that exists.

It seems that people are having difficulties with illegal substances in West Virginia as the numbers of people who need to obtain help from West Virginia rehab centers grows. Cocaine is a highly abused drug amongst the 18 to 25 demographic. West Virginia has the distinction of being one of the top ten states where cocaine is abused the most. The state also has members of the population abusing heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines and opiates.

More People Needing Rehab Centers in WV

As people become aware that they have an unsustainable addiction, they opt to enter West Virginia rehab centers, and their numbers are increasing. From 2001 to 2006, the numbers of people who sought treatment for a drug addiction only increased to 34 percent. This is up from 29 percent previously.

Many people also had a problem with both drugs and alcohol, and the number of people who needed the help of a rehab center also increased. In 2001, eight percent of the people seeking treatment needed it for drug and alcohol abuse. In 2006, the number jumped to 31 percent.

West Virginia has a very big problem with prescription drug abuse, and the leading drug of choice is the opiates. In 2008, more people died of an overdose of opiates than any other drug, and a majority of these deaths were for drugs other than heroin. These deaths were largely the result of prescription drugs, but only 44 percent of these addicts had a prescription for the opiate on which they overdosed. With so many deaths due to drug abuse, it is clear that residents addicted to opiates need West Virginia rehab centers very badly.

West Virginia rehab centers can help people detox and then recover from a drug addiction or an addiction to both drugs and alcohol. If needed, people receive psychiatric treatment along with counseling for their drug addictions to help them survive and live productive lives again.