West Virginia Detox Centers

Recovering from drugs or alcohol always starts with the first step. Regardless of the substance or the situation, detoxification is always the first step of recovery because it removes the substance from the body. Although it is important to remove the substance from the body, some drugs can have dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Detox centers help individuals safely remove the substance from the body and provide some relief from the uncomfortable process.

West Virginia Drug and Alcohol Problems

West Virginia has a major problem with drugs and alcohol. Although the rates of alcohol abuse remain relatively stable, the state has seen an increase in prescription drug abuse throughout the region. Treatment for addictions to prescription drugs, illegal substances and alcohol require a detox program before any further steps are taken.

The problem with drugs is growing and alcohol remains a major issue throughout the state. The key issue is the availability of substances and the original cause of addiction. Many prescription drug addictions start with a legitimate ailment and develop into an addiction over time.

Despite the problems in the area, West Virginia does offer help to get through the problems. Although many rehab programs will not have detoxification attached to the facility, the state offers detox options in many different areas.

Detoxification Facilities

In the state of West Virginia, many of the detox centers are part of a hospital or mental health facility. The reason is related to the type of drugs abused in the area.

Prescription pain relievers are the most commonly abused substances in West Virginia. Unfortunately, the drugs are often opioid medications that can have dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Doctors and nurses need to monitor patient vital signs during the detoxification process to act quickly when signs of a dangerous withdrawal begin.

Providing detox centers within the hospital setting helps simplify the supervision complication by offering doctors and nurses throughout the day and night. Depending on the substance and the situation, doctors might provide relief from uncomfortable symptoms through medication. The process of detoxifying the body is not usually comfortable, even when the symptoms are not life-threatening.

Detox centers are the first step of becoming drug free. It is not possible to work on the psychological or mental dependence on a drug when the body is still dependent. Managing the physical aspect by removing the substance from the body is the first step to recovery. In West Virginia, the first step is often taken in a hospital to provide supervision against serious symptoms if an overdose is suspected.